AMPLIFY aims to bring together people in celebration of the Ocean and all the ways that we enjoy it: as a food source, a playground and as an essential part of our own well being and spiritual connection.

We want to remind you why we love the Ocean and why it’s essential that we protect it. Once our lineup of guest speakers and info stalls are confirmed, we’ll share those details here so you can plan your AMPLIFY experience. 


Right now we are on the lookout for a variety of guest speakers that can educate and inspire us about the Ocean.


We are looking for guest speakers on the topics of spiritual connection, sport and recreation, environmental protection...surfers, sustainable fishing, all natural sunscreen, marine reserves, sand art, whatever your thing is, we'd love to hear about it!


Sound like you or someone you know? Get in touch with us via the button below. 

Waiting for a Wave
Spilling Sand
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