AMPLIFY is a wellness festival celebrating the Ocean, Art & Sound, and it’s the passion project of us: Deb and Christina.

As wellness experts we know in our bones that 'We' as in, the collective of humanity, will never truly be well as long as the health of the planet suffers at our hands.

AMPLIFY aims to bring together people in celebration of the Ocean and all the ways that we enjoy it: as a food source, a playground and as an essential part of our own well being and spiritual connection.

To solve the environmental issues we face will require the best of our collective energy and creativity. AMPLIFY brings you the tools that you need to amplify your own well being; yoga, health workshops, connection to nature, creativity, community, encouragement and education.

NOW is the time for the ocean warriors, the mermaids, the change makers, and YOU to start to dream a new world into being and to ACTION that dream. It is a chance for us to come together to AMPLIFY our collective VOICE through creative expression. 

It is our wish that you leave feeling positive, creative, inspired, connected and most of all READY for change. Open your creative channels, find space and flow in your body, shop sustainably, eat healthy, connect to the ocean, learn and be inspired to live better - for you and for the planet. 

Be a part of the solution - join us now!

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About Christina

Christina graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Psychology. From here, she set out to build on her knowledge and dove into all things wellness. 


 Christina is now considered an elite specialist in the wellness arena. Yoga, nutrition and sports massage are her speciality and she has impacted the lives of many.

Christina is a little bit "World famous in Whangamata". Her seasonal estuary yoga classes are a highlight of the Whangamata Summer Season.

Recently Christina launched her art career with her first successful exhibition ‘What do you Sea?’ at the @thelittlegallery in Whangamata. She works in fluid acrylics capturing the soul essence of the ocean and runs retreats to help you find your FLOW. 


Follow her @swellfitliving



About Deb 

Debbie is a photographer turned Health Coach specialising in energy healing and meditation. After completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts she spent many years as a self employed professional photographer.

Since moving to the Coromandel she has overcome many challenges with physical and mental health. Debbie attributes this to the healing powers of nature, water, energy, light and art.

Debbie now helps women to awaken and rise through her coaching programme, yoga retreats and creative wellness weekends.

Debbie is a member of the @mercurybayartescape and runs art workshops and retreats.

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